A collection of articles published by STEM-VRSE members.


Using VR Technology in Architectural Preservation: Changing Public Perception, Creating Public Interaction, and Increasing Cost Effectiveness

Every year, through multiple means (e.g., natural disasters and manmade conflicts), the public loses access to sites of historical or cultural significance. Virtual Reality (VR) technology allows for the preservation of these sites. This technology also allows participants access to these sites when not possible or practical. In this white paper, we discuss why VR technology supports participants’ preservation and access to these sites. Specifically, this technology allows public access that impacts public perception, creates a participatory experience, and proves cost effective over time

The STEM-VRSE Website: Emphasizing Integration of Information, Interest, and Use

Developing an informative, interesting, and useful website characterizes a significant first step for any organization in the 21st century, especially those organizations or websites combining Research, Virtual Reality (VR), and Education. This paper analyzes the web development process we have undergone with