Volume 2, August 15, 2018



On Friday, August 3 the team gathered in Downtown Bryan to hangout with the public to share NEW videos! There was a great turnout and we got the chance to talk and hangout with a bunch of great families. We have been stationed consistently near the intersection of Bryan Ave. and West 26th St near Must Be Heaven. Did you see us? We have been getting lots of requests for new videos, what would you like to see? Let us know your thoughts!

Calling All Volunteers

Interested in what we are doing? Have video ideas? Want to come help us? Do you know someone that would be a perfect fit with STEM-VRSE? We are always looking for people to join us! Email us at or come find us at September’s First Friday!


Scholarships and interns, oh my!

This has been a busy month! Not only did we have our first intern, we had our first recipient of the Morris Schulman Jr. Scholarship; our very own intern Elizabeth Espey! She came to us for the summer from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at Texas A&M University. This internship was a great combination of learning about non-profits and research. She learned about conducting research and analyzing dive footage from the New Zealand project. She completed her internship in early August and officially graduated from Texas A&M University! Way to go Elizabeth! Have you seen our dive and bird videos? Go check them out on the front page of our website! Interested in doing an internship with STEM-VRSE? Email us!


Early Career Goals

We have very exciting news! One of STEM-VRSE’s goals is to help early career researchers. One of our very own researchers has created and submitted his first grant proposal! His goal is to evaluate how VR technology can be used as a means to encourage interest, motivation, and competence in STEM-based skills in secondary schools. Way to go Cashion! Want to learn more about the proposals we are working on? Come join us at First Friday!


Ever been to alaska? now yukon!

Inspiration is everywhere for great videos! While we were here in Texas sweating, one of our researchers travelled to Alaska and took an amazing video in Glacier Bay. He took one of our 360 cameras and used a time lapse feature to record the gorgeous landscape and ocean. Glacier Bay has an amazing history, we are working to add audio to the video to share even more with you all! Want to see it? Go to our front page check it out.