Avian Adventure

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Birds from the same family often share common behavioral characteristics. Members of the Charadriidae family populate most beaches across the globe. One of these members, the New Zealand dotterel, summer on New Zealand’s estuaries and mudflats. These areas contain high concentrations of food sources (e.g., snails, worms, and shellfish) unique to the reqion. As a result, New Zealand’s estuaries and mudflats provide an ideal location for studying the dietary patterns of these birds. This knowledge will help researchers better understand the behaviors of other family members living at different locations.

The Team

This research is being led by Katja Pierce. She will be accompanied by several other team members to assist in the research process as well as documenting and producing content.

Katja Pierce specializes in conducting biological research centered on animal behavior, reproduction, and veterinary medicine. Her professional experiences include work in the research of Avian Bornovirus and Proventricular Dilation Disease and the prevention of these diseases in domestic bird populations. Her current research centers on the migratory flight patterns of bird populations, with a special interest in Southern Hemisphere locations.


The Location

This research will be taking in the Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand. The dotterel lives along these beaches and we hope to interact with them here.

You can head over to New Zealand's site to find out more. 

The Content

Check out the New Zealand Dotterels we researched while in New Zealand!