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Our Mission

As a research-based non-profit organization, STEM-VRSE exists to support researchers’ integration of virtual reality (VR) in research associated with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

In addition to supporting researchers, we promote education by working within formal and informal learning environments to capture the attention of future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

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Explore Reef Communities

New Zealand is located just south of the Indo-Pacific warm pool. As a result, this community has been exposed to warmer than average temperatures over the past 30 years. This factor along with others makes the coral community off the Poor Knights Islands, located off New Zealand an ideal location to study the roll of warming oceanic waters on dominant reef species. Through VR, you can watch a researcher study these reefs and experience her world.


Are you interested in conducting your own research? Do you have an idea for the implementation of VR? Reach out to us and let's build a connection.

An Avian Adventure

Birds from the same family often share common behavioral characteristics. Members of the Charadriidae family populate most beaches across the globe. One of these members, the New Zealand dotterel, summer on New Zealand’s estuaries and mudflats. These areas contain high concentrations of food sources (e.g., snails, worms, and shellfish) unique to the reqion. As a result, New Zealand’s estuaries and mudflats provide an ideal location for studying the dietary patterns of these birds. This knowledge will help researchers better understand the behaviors of other family members living at different locations.